Help me diagnose a bug - C2 / my laptop / Chrome...?

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  • Please help me investigate a bug I found a few days ago. Here's the closed bug report. The capx was only downloaded a couple of times with no other feedback so I've no way of knowing if my graphics drivers are deficient or if this is some sort of problem with C2 preview.

    The problem is apparent when previewing in Chrome over Localhost; with preview over LAN then no problem is apparent. The problem? Some HUD objects are drawn misaligned on the layout, and a mouse-over check is screwed up as well.

    I would be grateful if you could have a quick look at the capx and see whether you are able to reproduce the problem.

    Mods, I am aware that this could be construed as a double post... However, the original bug report was closed before I realised that everything works on my computer when preview over LAN is enabled. Please be understanding - I don't see how it can be a problem with my graphics driver if this works over LAN - can it??


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  • Just noticed this but I've already responded to your recent post in the Closed Bugs section. I've tested in FF, IE and Node-webkit and it displays correctly. I'm using Win 7 64bit with C2 r179 64bit.

  • Thanks zenox98, I guess my super expensive laptop was over priced!

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