Help determining if a problem is a bug SOLVED!

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  • Please help determine if a problem is a bug:

    So here is the situation.

    I duplicate a layout, for example, I duplicate Layout 1 which is using Event Sheet 1.

    The new duplicated layout is named Layout 2, which I direct to use the same event sheet, Event Sheet 1.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't Layout 2 be and act exactly the same as Layout 1?

    If you look at the capx in the link below

    Layout 1 acts normally for me,


    if I duplicate the Layout as described above,

    Layout 2 only shows the same first card under each card and

    never changes, every card is a match, (the same first card)

    Is this a bug, my computer, or something else?

    Please help.



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  • Not a bug. You've got Deck to be not global. The default is global so it can be accessed on any layout. There's no reason to do this, however, if you do want this, you have to add Destroy & Create Data "On start of layout".

  • OMG,

    Thanks you blackhornet

    Recently, I really try to figure out the problems by myself

    ( as I got scolded by members early on for asking for help to early )

    but after 2.5 hours of pulling my hair out I decided I better ask for help.

    I somehow thought (I knew it) that there was a simple explanation.

    (I need to learn Arrays)

    Again Thanks!

    SOLVED !

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