Help with destroying bullets(Lasers)

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  • I want my lasers to be destroyed once the whole laser has entered an object, or half way through an object. Can someone help me with that? I'm completely new with construct2 and have watched a lot of tutorials on youtube, but none have shown me how to do this.

    Just to clarify, I don't want my laser to be destroyed once the tip touches an object, because it'd look weird when the last half of the laser just disappears without making contact with the object.

  • Hello,

    One thing you can do is have a sprite for your characters or monsters or whatever, and an invisible sprite pinned to it, with the shape you want, and a little bit smaller for the collision. Thus the laser will overlap with the entity's sprite and will only be destroyed once it has collided with the inner collision sprite.

  • or maybe use a small timer that delays the destroy and in that short moment reduce the size ,height or width like its impacting

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  • ah that makes sense. Thanks for the reply, guys.

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