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  • does anyone know how to make a DDR (Dance dance revolution ) type solution on the event sheet for eg

    eg. object> on collision > enable > key press > destroy

    cause i don't know how to enable it like that

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  • Basically you need to check each time the player presses one of the arrow keys...

    Every tick, on keyboard Right Arrow pressed, check if falling piece is touching scoring area.

    Then you would check if a falling arrow marker is overlapping your "trigger" area (line the outlined arrows at the bottom of a DDR game).

    If the two of them are overlapping while the appropriate arrow on the keyboard is held down, then you get points.

    You can also check the distance between the falling arrow, and the trigger outline arrow. If its within 10 units, you score a "good" and if its less that 2 you get a "perfect" for example.

  • well cs2 doesn't allow me to do "every tick > on keyboard press" so can you upload a .capx for me cause i really don't understand.

  • I just made a DDR game for my interactive graphic novel (still needs art, but it's pretty much functional). Check it out here...

    Through trial and error, I came to basically the same methods that justifun mentioned, but only for making the arrows (or indicators as I call them) "respawn". Except you would actually use "On collision with" because it will only check for that once and not constantly like it would with "On overlapping."

    I decided to compare my internal system clock to the appropriate time when an indicator was supposed to collide with the top. It's actually complicated and simple at the same time.

    Also, Construct seems to be a lot more sensitive (at least for me) when comparing the distance for scoring a perfect vs a good. It's pretty much impossible to get a perfect if you only have a 4 pixel window to work with. You also have to take into account the speed of your indicators (I use bullet motion), and you'd have to be a robot to get a perfect in that window.

    Here's my capx. Keep in mind that you have to use your own time windows.

  • woa thanks!

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