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  • Hello guys,

    Alright, I realy need your help. I'm about to start working on a pretty large project (a 48 mini-games suite) so I'm looking for a practical and versatile solution for no-hard-coding based Game Creation platforms, finding Construct 2 as the best one around. So I started with a simple mini-game concept and got let's say a decent progress over there, however I need your help with some "tactical" approaches to the game mechanics I'm willing to define, that way I could determine whether to keep using CT2 or continue looking for other options. Let me explain the game experience in a nutshell:

    1. The user gets 4 square pieces around a center button. Every piece contains a part of a main shape; the user needs to rotate these pieces on their center point (by tapping over them) to get this final shape.

    2. When user taps on the center button, these four squares move to the center (towards it, actually) and the system validates the final shape; if correct, these pieces move out and the background is revealed, otherwise they return to their initial position.

    (It seems I don't still have reputation to attach images so just let me know if you guys need a visual aid for the points explained above).

    So this is what I got so far:

    • Assign variables to piece position in order to validate the final result later on.
    • Rotate pieces (without animation, sadly).
    • Bring pieces to center animation (while touching the center button, does not work on single touch).

    And this is what I'd need to know how possible it is on CT2:

    • Disabling interactions (I mean to disable actions over the pieces when moving to the center).
    • Moving/rotating sprites on tap (e.g. like moving a sprite to/by X,Y values in 2 seconds).

    As mentioned, I just need an overall approach to this kind of mechanics, I really have a good feeling about CT2 capabilities. Thank you all and merry Xmas!

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  • Disabling: one option is to put your input events in a group and disable/enable the group when moving.

    Moving/rotating: there are many ways to do this, but the 3rd-party LiteTween/EaseTween gives extensive options for moving in a time period.

    3rd-party plugins

  • Sounds great! I'll definitely look into that, appreciate it!

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