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  • I have been working on my project for bit now and it has gotten a bit packed with all the things going on. I'm uncertain if what I am asking for help on are bugs or just poor logic on my half, so here goes.

    1: I need help on properly understanding this little snippet.

    What I want:

    • When player overlaps zone
    • when zone is player's team's zone
    • when zone health > 0 (the zone still needs time before it can be captured)
    • when neutralEnemy is not overlapping zone
    • when teamEnemy is not overlapping zone

    I have met these conditions over and over again although it may be in my method of execution.

    I have been going over it over and over again, and I am fairly certain all of it is using AND logic, but the the resulting actions never play out.

    Method 1:

    Spawn no sprite but the player sprite.

    Result, nothing.

    note: I was the only sprite on the layout, others were destroy on start, so I don't know how that will play out on the last 2 conditions.

    Method 2:

    Spawn player sprite, and a handful of each other sprite. Then, kill off sprites in the zone I want to capture:

    result, still nothing.

    note: considering I have more than 1 zone littered about, the other sprites could still exists and overlap those others zones. Yet, there are not on the same zone as the one I myself am standing on.

  • aznmonkeyboy i would advice to make a new capx with only the objects and events you need to test this case, if it still doesn't work, share the capx, its easier to help..

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  • vtrix

    I've settled with a different solution for this case, but if you still want to help and know something about audio here, I have another situation brewing and my speakers hate it.

    You can find that problem here:

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