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  • Hi all

    I want Add css style to rex-bboxtext plugin

    In runtime.js file i whant add css style(like direction= rtl) by jquery,

    But i have some problem,

    Please help me to complete this small of code:

    jQuery("*").css("direction", "rtl");

    by use this code i have this css style(direction) for all element inside the my layout

    I insert it below line 78 in runtime.js

    Like this:

    instanceProto.onCreate = function() { jQuery("*").css("direction", "rtl"); this.text = ""; this.set_text([0]); this.visible = ([1] === 0); // 0=visible, 1=invisible // "[bold|italic] 12pt Arial" this.font =[2]; this.color =[3]; this.halign =[4]; // 0=left, 1=center, 2=right this.valign =[5]; // 0=top, 1=center, 2=bottom this.textShadow = "";

    .but i want that for this bboxtext textBox object that use this.elem instide of * value.

    I konw some javascript & jquery but i cant fix this problem.

    Please help me to fix this code line

    Plugin link.

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