Help with collision and solids.

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  • Hello,

    This is my first time writing in this forum and I need your help!

    I have encountered a problem that has stopped all my progress with C2.

    I have 3 SOLID sprites: A, B and C.

    When I click on a keyboard:

    I want A colliding with B and C.

    B to colliding with A but not C.

    And C to colliding with A but not B.

    Is the above scenario possible with the free edition? If yes, how?

  • It is with physics objects, Imagine you have objects A, B and C. All of them need the physics behaviour.

    On key press:

    • A > Enable Physics collisions with B
    • A > Enable Physics collisions with C
    • B > DisablePhysics collisions with C

    thats all you need

  • Thanks.

    But what if I do not want to use physics?

    For example I am working a top-down game with up to 50 constantly moving solids in an environment with many obstacles.

    What I am looking to achieve is the following:

    I have a Player, an Obstacle and a Box.

    All solids.

    When I press a key, I want to the Player to pass through (or jump) the obstacle But not the Box.

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  • "Solid - Ignore Select Solid" has been a feature I have dreamed about but it currently not implemented... There are ways to do this if you don't use the Solid behavior and check X,Y Coords against said object but it's a lot of hard coding. Sorry I dont have a demo capx but there are some floating around on here.

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