HELP!!! C2 is not letting me save.

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  • I need your help.

    For some reason, every time I want to add something to my games, C2 does not let me save.

    Thankfully though, I have a backup of those files. But I still can't add new stuff.

    And it's because of this that I lost a whole entire project!

    Please send me any ways to fix this problem.

  • You cannot safe the project files with the new changes you added?

    What version of c2 you have on steam or from the web, did you try reinstalling it?

    First time I am hearing of this and I've been using c2 for a while, maybe report is as a bug in the bug section.

  • Unless the OP can reliably create a set of steps and a .capx that can re-create this error, then posting as a bug report would be pointless.

    I haven't come across such a thing as this before, and I seriously doubt it's a bug, or there would be thousands of reports by now.

    We need more info, such as:

    Are you saving locally, externally (USB for instance) or cloud?

    C2 version?

    Your OS?

    Does this happen with every file you open?

    Anything else you may think is valid would also help.

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  • I'm saving locally, and the version I'm using is the r244.

    So here is how it happens.

    When I create a new file, it lets me save it in a .capx file. However, when I want to add something new and save it, it'll say this:

    Yet I had previously saved.

    BTW this is really bad since I bought the personal edition and it won't even let me use it.

  • P.S. something very similar happens with paint too.

  • Sounds like you are having some other computer issues...

    Try running JRT followed by ADWCLEANER - then reboot your PC when prompted.

    After that, open a command prompt as administrator (google it if you're not sure how) and enter:

    sfc /scannow

    After that, open windows powershell as admin, and enter:

    dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth

    After that, still using powershell, enter:

    dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

    Then see if your problem is resolved.


  • I'll try that.

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