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  • Hi There,

    Ive been playing around with construct 2 for about a week now, teaching myself with youtube tutorials and lurking the forum,

    So im Making a platformer to just learn the basics of Construct and ive bumped into a few problems that i hope you could help me with.

    For one the Score is a text object, which is not sticking to the top right of the canvas it scrolls with the player, ive selected 0,0 paralax and still no luck. Also the score is not updating when it touches the bottom of the screen which i use a red line object at the bottom.

    Secondly my run cycle is not activating when my invisible(sprite) solid moves on the platform.

    I hope Ive posted in the correct forum and the help would be more than appreciated.



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  • Make sure the score text is actually on the score layer.

    For the animation, events 6 and 7 are both true when the player is on the floor and moving so the animation will keep getting changed. You'd want to check that the player isn't moving before you set the animation to idle.

    *edit* Just saw the part about the score not updating.

    The collision in event 10 is never detected because you've already moved the player away from the red sprite in event 9. You should move the adding score actions to event 9.

  • Resolved

    Thanks ramones, Ive got the score working and realised things objects need to be on a relative layer for them to work, however i didn't fully understand about both actions been true so i played around with it and added some more features, it works but my character sprite keeps lagging around the screen. which is now fixed due to align point on one of the key frames was off the screen.

    Thanks again and cheers


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