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  • Hello all,

    (Not sure if I am in the right area to be asking this if not then my apologies)

    I am in a frustrating dilemma, long story short my computer die a few hours ago from a hard drive failure. Fortunately, I was smart enough to keep back ups of my .capx project. After transferring my game to a temporary PC I can no longer open my game in C2 because I am missing the "Sine Extended" Behavior that I had before in my previous install of C2.

    I have searched Google and the Construct forums for Sine Extended Behavior in search for a download link to the Behavior but no luck...

    Dose anyone here have that Behavior or can point me into the direction of an alternative solution type of hack to get my game to open in C2 without asking for plugins? I'm really don't want to start all over on my game project when I am close to finally releasing a demo of my game...

    The screenshot below is error I am receiving ( Ignore the missing "Behavior 'Swing by Rex.Rainbow'" I posted a request on Rex's Swing behavior forum to update his 404 error download link to that behavior ).

    Moving forward I will start backing up not only .capx files but also all behaviors and plugins that are associated with my projects.

    Thank you,


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  • blackhornet

    Thanks so much for your help! it's working now.

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