help with in app purchases for cocoon

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  • so i put purchase in my game

    i have cocoonjs ads sent on store managed and sandbox enabled.

    I have clicked all the stores in cocoon cloud i have the store keys

    my name is "com.bubblepoparena.sportspack"

    my global variable is sports = 0

    I have Touch on yes button sports = 0 then cocoonjsads purchase product "com.bubblepoparena.sportspack"


    Cocoonjsads on "com.bubblepoparena.sportspack" purchase complete set sports to 1 on start of layout restore purchases

    why is this not working??? can anyone please help?

    you guys are great and i appreciate all the time you take to help

  • Did you create a product in Google Play Dev?

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • i had this already done

    i created a product and activated it as name


    in google developer console and in apple in app purch

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  • apparently Ludei is coming out with a capx example of how to do this better. lets hope its soon i think i'm doing everything correctly so not sure what the issue is.

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