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  • Hi, I dont know if here is the best place to post this, but i neither know of other place for this.

    I am trying to make a game in construct 2, and the game design is going well, the problem I have is when I try to make the enemy inteligence.

    Is kind of a top-down shooter, so I want the enemies to run around, and shoot to the player when is appropriate. I made some attempts, but the results are very random, and depends how i configure, is too easy or to hard, but i cant find a middle point. Anyone knows where i can find a tutorial to learn, or a way to do it?


  • You can check distance between palyer and enemy. If dictance is to a certain rang you can turn the enemy and shoot at the end of turning.

    You can you a basic tutorial from contruct. In this shooter the player turn to the mouse position. This technique you can use i supose.

  • It really depends on your overall gameplay. There's no such thing as an univeral AI tutorial. Just some pointers and example. But you seem to have reach a state where you already have a working AI you just don't manage find the proper balance (that's what I understood reading you).

    So basically you should share your capx to have some input that fits your game. If you don't want to share all your work, try too replicate your basic mecanism in another capx and share it.

  • Sorry for the delay, my internet has been down since friday.

    Here is a .capx showing the progress till now. I hope it works. You need the OR plugin (BTW thanks Wastrel for it)


    Thanks for reading this, and any advice is wellcome. Bye.

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  • There are many different parts to AI. Movement and shooting, for example. Running around, you need to think about how they will avoid walls. Do they run towards you? or to a random coordinate?

    You need to think of all these things, and because of the differencences in AI, it is very hard for someone to help much without very thorough description of what they need to do.

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