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  • no help?

  • What are you trying to accomplish?

    The second code is doing the same thing if platform is moving or not, so why not just set animation to bounce in the main event?

    You don't need to check if an animation is playing, and another isn't playing. Obviously if JumpFall is playing, then HurtFall isn't. Not sure that is making a difference or not.

  • this is for a platform beat em up game. both are for player's basics.

    Jump landing is of course for falling from jump.

    bounce is an animation for when players lands on the floor after being hit while on-air.

    The animation the player uses when damaged on air and while falling is HurtFall. The player is supposed to use the animation Bounce when the player lands on the ground.

    The jumpfall is working and the bounce isn't.

    which do you mean by "main event"?

    The animation is not playing conditions were added because the bounce were not playing. I do have the same opinion as you that those are not needed, but I lost ideas on how to fix this.

  • try setting it up as one trigger event and 2 sub events.

    On player landed>

       hurtfall is playing > set animation bounce

       else> set animation to stance

    I am not sure why you have a "is moving" and a "is not moving" condition for stance, i would have to see the rest of your code.

    a second way to do this would be to set a instance variable and test against that rather then the animation state.

    it all depends on how you handle your animation triggers in your events.

    depending on how you have your walk trigger and stance trigger you probably don't even need any lines of code for it to function like normal after falling.

  • The "Is moving->walk" and "Is NOT moving->stance" are from the platformer tutorial. I just renamed Idle to Stance

    My walk codes are from that tutorial as well

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I just added a walk speed

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