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  • Hello i have found one chat here in scirra but this dont work for talk with player so who can help me for make this online?

    here is Capx

    Thank you

  • anyone?

  • Not sure what you're asking...

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  • i have found one chat on scirra and donwload it and i try it but they did't work for talk with player online so i am asking here who can make it for work for talk online

  • so anyone will help me?

  • I don?t want to be rude or something like this, but please learn the basics. And please do not push your topic more than 1 time per day. It does not work cause you need to have a server with configurated websockets. It?s not just download and it works.. Chats and multiplayer games are definitely advanced things.

    If you would have read the whole thread for this example you would know that you need:

    • A server
    • Websockets configured(A simple Tutorial given)

    In the file you see there are 2 global constants:

    • Port
    • Websocketlocation

    As Example there is port 50001 and the location is localhost, this works for sure in you local network but NOT online, cause this is just your loopback adress.

    So it can never work that you just upload this example and can talk with friends ...

  • so can you give me one for talk then?

  • No, server aren�t for free. If you really want a chat or a multiplayer game buy one. They starting already at 2$ per month. I don�t think somebody will give you access to his server for free.

    If you just one to talk with your friends without work you can also use any free chat service. Like ICQ or Skype.

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