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  • Hi.

    I am trying to create a bubble game where the bubbels are increasing in speed.

    Example: I want the bubbles to increase speed vertically automaticly by 50 every 20 Points/Score 20.

    Sounds easy but it seams to be pure hell to get it done.

    I've read Everything in the Construct 2 manual, about delta time, time, timer, and even watched all the tutorials about all those things, 0 success folks, 0 success.

    i have tried to follow all your guys ideas and solutions about delta time and different ideas on solving this, but i really dont get it folks.

    i am a beginner, i have come a long way but now it seems like i've come to a dead end and i'm very frustrated.

    Construct 2 are marketing themselves as simple, well it seems like this is far from simple

    Please someone give me an exact explanation, step by step in detail what i have to do.

    please. i've tryed for a week now.

    i really need thing guys.


  • When you say increase speed by 50, what are you referring to ?

  • The first step is to upload your .capx project file of what you have tried so that you can get a precise answer. There are usually multiple ways to approach any problem, so it helps us give advice without having to guess what your events look like.

    What you describe should have nothing to do with any time based concept at all, depending on what movement system you have implemented.

    The simplest way to do this would be to use the bullet behavior. On bubble created, set speed to initialspeed+score/20*50, assuming you don't need the bubbles to change speed after they have been created.

    If you do, it would just be one additional event to set the triggering condition to whatever you want, with bubble-bullet set speed like above as your action.

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  • Hi plinkie!

    The bubbles have the bullet behavior and they appear from the top and falls to the bottom in a speed of 300, I want to increase the speed by for example 50 every 20 bubbels destroyed/Score 20.

    the basic idea of the game is to make it harder as the score increases the speed of the bubbles increases automaticlly as well.

    I have made a working score that is Counting every destroyed bubble but i can't conect it with the bubble speed increase.

    i've tried with a timer as well, it didn't work ether.

  • Set up your events so you have on bubble created speed = globalvar1, where default is 300. Separate from your score have another global variable, globalvar2 that counts up with the score. Then set your event when globalvar2 = 20, add 50 to globalvar1, and reset globalvar2 to 0. This means every 20 bubbles destroyed, it creates a bubble +50 speed.

  • I forgot to mention that i want the speed to increase gradually meaning that the game will increase in difficulty.

    As the score gets higher and higher the game gets harder and harder.

  • The above will change the general speed of the bubbles every 20 destroyed, is that what you want?

  • Yes thats what i want.

    i'll try it out.

    thanks a lot for your kindness.

    i may be back soon if i dont manage to make it work.


  • An example - ... .capx?dl=0

    Here is a link to the system expressions for reference, in case you don't understand some of the expressions used -

  • Wow!!!

    Thanks a lot oosyrag and plinkie!!!

    thanks oosyrag for the example, couldn't be more helpful!!

    cheers guys!! )))

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