Heat seeking pathfinding for moving unit on touch

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  • I was wondering how to make a player heat seek to its selected moving target the sort of an arpg

    while using pathfinding its easily done with LOS on AI but the player seems a little more stubborn

    Also what would be the most efficient way to angle it toward the enemy for projectile attacks using a 8 direction sprite (id imagine set animation based on enemy angle but theres room for discrepency)

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  • Pathfinding to location if using 8-dir, the 'stubbornness' will be some bugs that need to be ironed out. You could set player to bullet and move at angle toward location but sounds like you are doing an RTS which will work fine with pathfinding. Projectile attacks again use bullet behaviour with set angle toward enemy. If you need any assistance with bugs then feel free to send me capx.

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