Have a health bar "move with you" as you move

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  • Sounds simple, I've been at it for quite awhile (like all the other things i been trying to do lol)

    Anyways, I need a healthbar to follow my character throughout the game with the scoreboard and some text..Even when he is going down the next level of the layout..

    for example, he falls onto a platform (the healthbar does not follow) and i want it to.

    Anyone able to figure this out?? :P

  • Have you tried putting the healthbar on a separate layer and set that layer's parallax to 0,0 ?

  • ohh I've heard of that before. The thing is i dont know what parallax is is that just the x and y axis??

    or how do i find this parallax.

  • woahh it works, thanks bro :)

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  • wretchedshark - THANK YOU! LOL I was trying to figure that out, myself. I knew it had SOMETHING to do with the parallax...go figure I didn't THINK to actually test changing the values. Thank you again!

  • Really? I've just made an image point in the character above his head named "healthbar" and then made an event Every Tick -> Set <the health bar image> position to another object -> Character: Image point "healthbar".

    Then no matter how you edit the healthbar it'll stay where it is, as long as the origin is at the same point in each animation/frame.

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