HDI stop walking animation from interrupting jump animation?

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  • Side note: In the title I used a short-hand abbreviation 'HDI' for 'How Do I' so I could fit some reaming letters in the title. But I'm not sure if this community uses that abbreviation... ANYWHO!

    As you can see...


    I'm having problems when I press and hold W(JUMP) and D(RIGHT) or W(JUMP) and A(LEFT) at the same time, it plays walking animation until it reaches to a point where the fall animation is enabled to fall back down to a platform. If you could tell that the W/D and W/A buttons from the WASD keys. Which means the button combination I was using is to jump in midair while moving forward. Jumping from point A to point B in a short distance. I'm not sure why, but it's like the event sheets are allowing the walk animation to override the jump animation. At first, I thought everything was kinda okay when I pressed the W button alone to go straight up to allow the jump animation to play and then down to allow the falling animation to play, yet trying to jump forward (like you're jumping over a pit of spikes) the walking animation is played instead of jumping animation. I don't like this.

    Help is much appreciated!! 乁(´• Ĺ̯ •`)ㄏ

  • For the walking animations, add "is on ground" as an additional condition.

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  • Took me an hour and 20 minutes to finally figure out what you were saying.

    Thank you!

    Problem: Solved.

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