HDI: Create an 8 Direction / Ball with 3 axis

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  • Heyo,

    I was trying to come up with a way to create a ball that could function in an 8 direction game for throwing a bomb, grenade, or whatnot. I wanted it to both increase in height and distance the longer. I was looking for a solution and came up with the following (currently non annotated) one, as I couldn't find a solution. Using some of the 8 direction jumping solutions this is what I have.

    Longer you hold down the mouse the higher and longer it goes.


    I'm just wondering what others may do differently

    What I'm still working on is

    *ensuring no matter how high the ball bounces that the x,y, movement finishes before the latter

    * changing the x,y movement to be more realistic if the object isn't round, in which forward motion is not always a guarantee.

    * adding slight angle changes on the xy movement for oblong objects

    *control scheme for controlling pitch (z) so that the more power doesn't always translate into a ball going farther

    I'd love to see other people's way of solving this problem

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