Having Trouble with spawning enemies

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  • Hello, I am having some troubles in the Spawnsheet of this capx:


    I am trying to spawn an enemy using my SpawnPoint sprites in my Game Layout.

    Right now it loads the last entry in the NPCs.xml file, I want it to load the right NPC based on the "SpawnEnemy" variable on the SpawnPoint.

    So I have an entry in the NPCs.xml called Training Dummy. I want it to load the TrainingDummy sprite and then set the hp, name, and so on accordingly.

    Edit: What would be great, but doesn't work or atleast not that I know of, would be: Training Dummy < Set Name WHERE Node Name = SpawnPoint.SpawnEnemy

    Know what I mean?

    Is there a way to achieve this?


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  • I updated the capx, I am really close but still don't know how to do it, I have it so it loads based on the SpawnPoint.SpawnEnemy, right now it loads TrainingDummy1 on all spawn points.

    I tried adding another ForEach SpawnPoint overtop of the main foreach xml node however when I do that they all load TrainingDummy. The left 3 should load TrainingDummy1, and the right 3 should load TrainingDummy2.

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