Having Trouble with Animation Transitions

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  • I am just getting into Construct2. I have a couple of basic rooms for a platformer and a basic character. I have the animation transitions set up so it is switching between idle and run and mirroring / not mirroring when turning left and right. When I run into a wall or block my character seems to get stuck in the idle position, so when I am moving through a room with steps i get stuck on the steps in idle and go through that way until I stop.

    I have included a capx file if anyone is interested in checking it out. If you run against the wall or move through the blocks in room 2 you will see what I mean.Any help is appreciated.

  • You may want to check the characters collision polygons on each frame of animation. If you need more complex animations you need to check for not just what is being pressed but if they are on the ground, have a wall to the left and right, etc... etc...

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  • Thanks for the reply. I just have a square for a collision polygon around the frames of animation. I am also checking for wall left and right and setting the animations to idle.

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