Having a problem with collisions/physics

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  • Hi there, i am trying to create a supaplex clone.

    Im building this off the pacman example with collision detectors etc.

    I want to achieve the following:

    Player moves to a block -> block gets eaten (destroyed) The ball that was on top of the block falls down as far as the ball can fall down. I have achieved the ball falling down when there are no blocks present as shown in my example but i can't seem to achieve the balls falling down when the blocks get eaten.

    So the collision/physics should be as follows:

    Balls fall down as far as they can ( till they hit a wall) This works

    Balls fall down as soon as there is no block underneath them This doesent work

    Balls dont fall down when the player is standing 1 tile undernearth them This doesent work either

    Please help me out :)https://www.dropbox.com/s/29puccssl1kg71l/Collision.capx

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  • I have fixed it a bit but not quite there yet ;). I have fixed the physics on the balls when there is no ground underneath them. Still need help with the rest i posted in my OP. Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

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