What Happened Here? Graphics Meltdown?

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  • Hello and thanks for looking,

    I opened up C2 to work on this map and it's not the way I left it. Does anyone know what happened or possibly how to fix it? You can see that the outlines are where theyre supposed to be but the graphics themselves have been skewed. When loaded it appears fine.

    When I try to replace the skewed graphics with the same graphic from the Objects list, it too is skewed but so far, only on this layer in the layout. I cant grab the object with the mouse directly but I can grab it via its outline and it moves around in a diagonal motion.

    I loaded up a bunch of previous capx and this problem goes back weeks....I don't know what to do and Im worried I just lost all that work.

    Update: There's some hope....this skewing effect appears to only be happening on one layer in one layout. I cant simply copy and paste or send to layer, as either way the effect continues...BUT I can create a new layer and re-create the map via the Objects panel. Its a little bit of work but far less work than recreating almost 3 weeks of dev'ing. Fingers crossed it works.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Does the layout have any effects attached? I imagine something in the distortion category could be responsible.

  • It's possible it's a graphics driver issue. SpriteFont has this issue occur at random also, but it's not actually SpriteFont at fault. It's just some random order of how things are drawn that can cause weird skewing issues.

    I always thought this explanation was suspicious until I had the same project on two different computers where one had wonky graphics, but the newer computer did not. The C2 version was the same.

  • There are no effects on the layer or in that layout. I am using Spritefonts though.

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  • Ok, so I deleted the Spritefonts from the layout and the problem seems to have fixed itself. I'll need to play with it a little more to confirm it's gone for good or doesnt come back when I recreate another spritefont BUT things are looking up. Thank you BlackHornet for your solution.

  • Yea, we have had issues with SpriteFonts on various machines too.

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