How do I make the hanging bridge work?

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  • Hello!

    I made an account just for this problem. Basically I have this hanging bridge, the physics of it I think are programmed correctly but for some reason just a few of the 'planks' connect to each other, the rest is just falling even if they are supposed to be attached to a solid (the ones that connect the bridge to the ground, that is)! Also, the planks that don't fall are behaving as a solid object without physics - like, without moving as a hanging bridge should. It's pretty strange. I've tried everything to making a new object to changing the anchor points and changing the type of joints but it doesn't seem to change anything. Can you guys help me? Thanks in advance!

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  • Physics is a complex plugin and it's impossible to guess what the problem is without seeing your project file.

  • All right, here it is then.

  • the code that makes the connections is a subevent under the event that checks if Layer 3 (Game Over) is visible. Since Layer 3 is not visible, the pieces of the bridge are not getting joined together. I moved the code out to the top level, and then it seemed to work.

  • Ohhhh, I see. So that's why! I didn't pay attention to the layer configuration. A sneaky mistake in my opinion lol.

    But really, thank you so much! Still doesn't solve the question about why only some of the planks were connected and floating. It was like... A partial physics only active in those very specific objects?...

    Anyway, thanks again!

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