Hands-On Exercises For Learning Arrays And Dictionaries.

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  • Hey guys!

    So, I've been learning programming through courses on youtube. I just finished a 'Intro To Programming' video. Took notes and everything. I use Construct 2 for practical use on logic.

    Through my journey I've come to realize that, I'm a better hands on learner.

    Things start to make more sense AS I'm doing said thing.

    So, with that out of the way, I was wondering if anyone can recommend some exorcises

    that could perhaps teach me some hands-on uses and applications of arrays and dictionaries.

    To be even more clear - I understand arrays and dictionaries conceptually.

    But, my knowledge on HOW to use them in Construct 2 is nil.

    For an example; I would like to learn how to create an inventory system where each npc also has their own items, gold, equipment. I have no idea how I would start referencing data, and 'if statements' surrounding the value of each cell. But, I'm not here to get answers on that, because I think it would be too confusing at this point

    in this time as I just want some basic exercises that will help me understand expressions, and how data is cross-referenced.


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