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  • So I've been going back and forth for quite some time now try to pass the data for a correct tweet to show up in Twitter's Public Search.

    So far, I was successful in passing the following information with the Browser Object:

    Go to "http://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=Can you beat my best time of " & recordtime & " on Level " & LevelString & " in Easy Mode?" & "&hashtags=Game,GamesAreAwesome" in a new window ("twitter")

    recordtime and LevelString are global variables.

    But when I add the following line:


    The tweet does not show up in Twitter's public search, when I search for the following hashtags: Game or GamesAreAwesome.

    Any ideas on how to handle this?


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  • I had the same problem and I just figured it out. manually input the spaces and hashtags here is my example and you can pick it apart.

    The URL:



    i'm playing a game check it out! #AwesomeApps #Jellybeez!

    it seems to work for me.

    Hope it helps.

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