How do I Handle my Json response which contains boolean

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  • My project has stucked on a point where i am using Json.

    The JSON response from my PHP webservice is as follow :

    {"result":true , "data":"1"}

    but, the problem is i am unable to parse this Json into anything like dictionary or array because all of them take only TEXT or NUMBER. If i parse above JSON into dictionary then the value of result will contain 0 either it is true or false

    so, is there any plugin or any other way to handle such booleans from JSON into C2?

  • Use the browser object with the execjs expression. Say you have that json in a text variable called json.

    You could get it with the expression:

    Browser.execjs(json & ".result")

    That should be enough I'd think. If not then then another idea is to convert the Boolean to a number.

    Do that by changing ".result" to ".result?1:0"

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  • sorry for so late,

    thanks R0J0hound.... Browser.execjs() worked for me

  • You can also use str() to fill a dictionary with int values...

    For my map system, I use:


    The values for the map tiles use numbers for some values, and strings for others. Using str() will populate numbers into the value field without any problem.


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