How do I Handle Falling Coconuts

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  • I'm wondering what the best solution is to handle a falling coconut instance for a platform based game.

    In this case, the player is standing underneath the object type coconut and the coconut falls respectively. If the coconut collides with object Player or PlayerBox, the player either loses health or dies. But there are several instances of object coconut.

    I can easily create a scenario where if the player collides with invisible object, let's call it: 'CoconutFall', the coconut falls from it's physics behavior by setting it to movable.

    But if I create this event, it does it for every instance of object coconut in the level.

    I could duplicate the object types and create events for each one, but I know there's an easier way to do this.

    I've looked into this topic, and found a coconut example, but the same situation pertains for all the coconuts falling at once.

    Any help is appreciated!

  • they will affect all the coconuts unless you find a way to relate that specific one to the trigger.. like a bigger coconutfall that overlaps the desired coconut.. son on collision with Fall, and Fall is overlapping coco, coco set movable

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