How do I handle destroying persistant game sprites?

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  • for some reason when i destroy my player sprite the whole screen flashes white, and it never used to do this until i added in other layouts for the sprite to move to and made the object persistant, but it seems like i cant destroy my ship sprite without the game being glitchy and not working right... i need to be able to move my player from layout to another properly, not only the player, but also the ui objects. im just wondering how to move all these objects from one layout to the next... things were working right for my gameover screen, my player would explode and die then go to gameover then back to title screen. now that ive changed it to a persistant object, my player would blow up, but it would flash white at the same time, then reshow the level, then go to gameover, then on the game over screen my ship spawns on the game over screen and title screen. but i have no events that call it to spawn on those layouts. can anyone tell me whats going on? any help would be appreciated. also i need to be able to destroy the ship sprite without my game getting all glichty.

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