How Do I Handle Arrays For Terrain??

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  • Whatsup peeps,

    Im here with a question about arrays.Im sure its stupid to some people but im in the dark.

    After reading a few tutorials and the manual im still lost with arrays.

    How do i use arrays just for INSTANCES.

    EVERYONE has tutorials for RANDOM GENERATION.

    why cant someone show me how to just create a tile through an array system?

    how do i call for my blocks to be placed wherever I want them in the array grid?

    I just need to know how to create Instances with arrays or how to draw block tiles in an array slot.thanks peeps this is really bugging me.

  • search for the user: joannes (johaness, johanness, something like that), he posted not long ago a tile-based map created from array, I'll see if I can find it.

  • Cool stuff,The main thing I need to do California is learn the basics and most of these tutorials are not good for beginners with arrays like myself.

  • California I need an exact name or this does not help me dude.

    Why is it so hard to get information about this! Im losing my mind

    thanks for the reply atleast you cared to stop in and reply.

    And also these forums are buggy as hell

  • This one pretty much covers everything you need to know about arrays, have you checked it?

    This one:

  • Read this tutorial , it covers tiling , depending on the current element of the array

  • Thank you both for your willingness to help!!!

    I am now going to finally learning this. If I do have a question about arrays can i come to one of you directly instead of waiting on the forums? And what ever happened to the chatrooms?

    Whiteclaws California

  • sorry couldn't find the file.

    this guy Joannesalfa has the example

    hope he hops up in the thread with the sample.

  • I'd better ask in the forums, "more heads think better than one".

  • This one pretty much covers everything you need to know about arrays, have you checked it?

    This one:

    Yes California this is the first one I seen but it doesn't cover Tiling with arrays in depth. It shows text which confused me. And it seems like however that person explained it is hard for me to comprehend. Im not lame I just need a different teacher.

  • Whiteclaws after remaking and understanding how to use this type of array.

    I need to know how do i precisely add the tiles to a certain place?

    In the tutorial he shows you how to fill your whole layout with tiles which would be good for isometric but im making a platformer and I need to know how to make the terrain start generating at about half of my layout? I dont want tiles to be in the sky I just need half of my layout with tiles.

    my layout is 6400x6400

  • Yann Kyatric

    Can someone break this down to me

  • How are you going about loading the array with data?

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  • TheNewGuy Im not sure if the mods will come and help you dude.

    If you need help on the forums you should ask for GeometriX or Nimtrix them two guys are pretty damm smart and if they cant help nobody can.

  • brent_hamel

    Im not sure what you mean by that. The only way I know how is the way I learned from Whiteclaws post. I am trying to figure out how to Precisely Place Tiles so they are only showing up on half of my layout. My layout is 6400x6400 I need the bottom half which is 3200x3200 filled with tiles

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