Handing AJAX call back with server redirect

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  • Hi,

    I am trying to use AJAX to call a web service app on google suite apps.

    Due to security reasons the google apps server returns the result of a GET using a different URL than the one used in the AJAX GET call.

    I am getting an error when trying to use GET.

    I am wondering if this is related and if yes, how this could be overcome -- i.e. to obtain a response from GET via a redirect URL

    thank you,


    Google's redirect notice is at the end of this link:



    For security reasons, content returned by the Content service isn't served from script.google.com, but instead redirected to a one-time URL at script.googleusercontent.com. This means that if you use the Content service to return data to another application, you must ensure that the HTTP client is configured to follow redirects. For example, in the cURL command line utility, add the flag -L. Check the documentation for your HTTP client for more information on how to enable this behavior.

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