Can I hand draw my sprites in pen?

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  • Hi,

    I want to know if I can hand draw my sprites on paper and scan them in?

    My main point to this question that I don't want it to look pixelated when it is in the game.


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  • There is no twain import facility in C2, if that's what you mean, but nearly all art packages support such a thing. This is a 2d games creation system after all - it can't really be expected to have the functionality of an fully-fledged art package.

    If you really wanted such a thing, the C2 SDK might be a possibility, but you'd need to code it yourself. There are APIs out there (Google for javascript twain api) that can be accessed via javascript, but again, you would need to program such functionality yourself.

  • Sure, it can work. Use a third party software to import your art in batch. Traditional animators do that all the time! It's not always easy to keep your art consistent that way though, and you'll have to clean up your scans once they're on your computer (in order to get decent sprites).

    Good luck!


  • Just tested my Wacom Bamboo with the C2 image editor and that works fine, so maybe that could be an alternative?

  • A good quality scanner goes a long way. Also open photoshop, and remove all background white space(the paper) I turn it transparent. THen take your image and put on clean background (e.g white) or keep it transparent (my preference).


    A mouse pen of sorts is on my christmas list - lol


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  • Thanks guys lot of help. I really want the handmade aesthetic and really want to make sure as soon as I imported them they would turn to pixelated blurs.

  • Wacom Intuos FTW..

    Add Krita for painting/drawing and you'll never need paper again..

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