How do I half the screensize of tiled images.

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  • In the game I'm currently making when you go into corridors it zooms in x2 in tight corridors for close ups of the characters.

    With sprites you can just half the size on screen so that when it zooms in it doesn't pixelate.

    With tiled background you can't half the size ingame then zoom 2x. any resizing alters the picture to be pixelated on zoom.

    Is there any way to make any type of tiled image work like the sprites and can be put into the layout at half size?

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  • Tilemaps have no scaling feature, however, you could design your game so that the default zoom level is 50%, this means that your tilemaps and everything else need to be twice their normal size, so when you zoom in, your tilemaps won't be stretched or pixellated.

  • I'm glad that is the only option as I ended up doing just that.

    It did ruin all the numbers in the physics/movements etc so even with just the current test map I had it was still quite a bit of fixing to do but at least I can zoom to 2x (which is now 1x) without the tiled images looking too different to the sprites.

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