Gyroscope, steering with gamma orientation

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  • Hi,

    I am creating a space ship flying side-scroller -thingy type of game.. First I made the steering with flappybird style. Just control the spaceship with tapping. Then the game is easy to learn, but hard to really control your ship..

    Then I tried the gyro function... Did not get it to work properly.

    I am trying to steer the ship with the phone, leaning it to right (turning it clockwise) means going down, and rotate left (tirning counter-clockwise) should go up. Sounds right? When I read the manual I think I should use the gamma-orientation.

    I have a few questions though. The game is landscape. (Set to landscape in Construct2 and also in Intel XDK, and that works), but the gyroscope degrees are always made for portrait? When I start the game i can get zero degrees for the gamma when holding it portrait. but when I hold the phone in front of me in landscape the gamma goes negative. But okay, I can work with that. BUT, now the gamma do not work for turning left and right any more. Now the gamma works by flipping it back and forth some how.... (I am using a Samsung Galaxy 6S)

    Anyone created gyroscope steering that can give some help here?

    Possible to default the gyro degrees to landscape instead of portrait?

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