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  • hello! i would like to make my guy slide down hills and get faster till he slows on the flat ground while using regualr platform controls.

    also i would like to trigger an animation when he stats sliding.. exactly how do i do this? Thank you for your time!

  • sorry for bumping thread

  • i still cant find a solution to this by searching.. can anyone help at all? thanks in advance..

  • There are numerous examples in the How Do I section as well as the Tutorials that could probably help you.

    If not, rather than spamming the board with numerous posts, why not have a little patience and wait a few days for someone to notice your post. If no-one has offered help by then, just give the thread a gentle bump.

  • so i have to wait a few days before i can start my game.. hmm maybe this isnt the engine im looking for then.. and of course i tried to go through the thousands of posts in the how do i? section . also your post didnt answer my question and you came across somewhat condescending. i am new to this engine and am shopping for one to purchase, not really asking for any sour tastes to be left im my mouth.. <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • i figured out the sliding part if anyone is just starting out and needs to know you have to select your character and go to behaviours - platform and change the deceleration to be a lower number than the acceleration..

    now i just need to find out how to play an animation when my guy is walking and then a different one when he is sliding..

    Edit: sorry i did not see the edit post option i will use that from now on

    i did look for it and figured that you couldn't edit but when you told me to use it i looked for it again.. thank you.

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  • Stop Bump Posting , just edit you first post , that's annoying !

  • Set the animation according to a key pressed - LINK

    Please prevent yourself from 15 minutes bump, as mentioned by other members, it's pretty rude and probably will bring up a delayed answer.

    Especially since basic questions are covered by the beginner's tutorials and most of the "most advanced" questions are answered in the how do I FAQ.

    If you don't get your answer in 15 minutes, please don't get impatient. Wait a bit and be sure to search by yourself.

    Support is provided by the members/users of Construct 2. And posting on a Sunday morning, you can't decently expect an answer in the second.

    Be sure to check the links in my signature too, it can help you getting started with C2.

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