How do I make my gun face away from me?

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  • I failed

    My pinned gun works when i face to the left, but is behind me when i face right.

    If I hold the walk left button (A) then try walking to the right (D) while holding A,

    the gun points away instead of behind me. I need this scenario everytime.

    But if I hold the walk right (D) button first and then try to walk left (A) , my sprite mirrors and my gun faces backwards

  • basically your event is remembering the old press down what i did was instead of press down i use press released that usually solve it.

  • This didn't help, I have alot of events that govern the gun direction so i'm confused, I uploaded this so that I remember this thread

    My capx file:

    I'll take another look at my event sheet before i say that I've tried everything

  • Hey SimShady,

    I had a look at your capx and the issue you are having comes from a few places. For a start off you have a ton of redundant/conflicting events for your gun control. I would remove practically all of them. Second you are trying to tie the direction of the gun to a keypress, which is in my experience a bad way of doing it. I usually tie the keypress to the direction of the character and then the direction of the character to the gun.

    I messed with your capx and ended up with the screenshot below - this gives you a responsive correct gun position. I'm not saying this is perfect though <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> I didn't have long. Maybe someone else will come up with something better!

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  • Why not shift the guns origin on the X-as ?

    Then you can spawn the gun on the players position.

    You can pin it.

    Or set it to that position every tick.

    Mirror it when you mirror the player.

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