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  • Hi everybody!!

    Does a GUI plugin exist? (scrolling menus, animated GUI etc. that kind of stuff, I don't know exactly)

    Thanks in advance!


  • I don't know what do you mean by a GUI plugin but I'm developing an adaptation of iScroll from Matteo Spinelli which will let users to make text (or anything else) scroll in fullscreen or in a frame, for mobile devices as desktop navigators.

    It's a bunch of work to adapt it to Construct 2 and takes me all my time, but hopefully I could release it really soon.

    Hope it will be a start for what you want to do.

  • Most GUI's are made from scratch, and most of the time aren't has hard as you would think. For the scrolling you could try using the HTML plugin and then using CSS to style the size and all that goodness and it should auto create the scrollbar if the contents are larger than the div.

    For the animated part, place whichever GUI element you want on the stage, and then double-click. Here is where you can frame-by-frame animate it. If you other elements you are not sure how to make, look at the examples or feel free to ask. I'm in a bit of rush here so if my post makes no sense, you know why. Good luck!

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  • All released custom plugins/behaviors for C2 are referenced here.

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