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  • First time using Construct and I am trying to do something very simple. I have been at this for a while now. I want to have multiple sprites to make up one instance which is controlled by he user. When something collides into one of the sprites, it will be destroyed/hidden. I am trying to have it so that when you press the up key or down key the group would move as a single unit. I have tried pinning all the sprite to the first sprite:

    Sprite B pin to Sprite A

    Sprite C pin to Sprite A

    Sprite D pin to Sprite A

    This didn't work, just caused them all to stick together. Then I tried to create a container and then control the containers movement. That didn't work either. Does anyone have any other suggestions or working examples on how to get the sprites to move together?

    Edit: I had to make the sprites a Solid so that the other (colliding) objects can bounce off the group of sprites. I think this is where I may messing myself up.

  • could you explain why pinning isn't giving the result you want?

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  • I figured it out with this post:

    I had a bunch of SOLID sprites that were pinned to each other, I had to give them physic behavior instead and it works now.

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