Grouping fragments into one sprite

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  • Hello. Can I ask a little bit strange question? I'm designing a game for mobile devices so managing object is more important than desktop, right? Actually, my game now gets 40~50 fps with CJS but it contains only basic features. I'm gonna optimize it and this is where my question starts.

    There's many explosion things in my game. If you touch the screen, it explodes. and there are scraps and fragment, you know, and I wonder how to deal with these objects. Now I'm using 'particle' type, I just draw one of the fragments and 'particle' objects spread it all around, not that much, just 7~8, and then expired out. What I'm gonna try is to make whole animation of all the fragments in one sprite. It won't make randomness of particles but I think it would consume less memory, for it's just one sprite.

    What do you think? Would it be a good try?

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  • Take a look at using spriter if you want to use multiple objects in one sprite and animate them.

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