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  • Hi all,

    im a bit confused, in my game i initially had an event like this.

    Mouse > on left button clicked > player spawn ball.. etc etc.

    This worked great, whenever i hit the left mouse button my player shot a ball..

    I then created a group in the event sheet and placed the above mouse event inside the group. (i did this because, i want to be able to disable the player spawn ball event) through the "set group" function..

    But when i place the mouse event inside the group, the event is no longer working when i test the game nothing happens if i click the mouse button.. what am i doing wrong ?

    Thanks in advance


  • What version are you using? And could you post your .capx?

  • Im using the free edition, release 77 (64 bit)

    how can i attach files or images to a post here?

    it promts me for a url - do i really need to upload the file to my own server before i can attack/link it to a post?


    <img src="" border="0">

    Link to game.capx

  • You can't attach files directly to posts. Images use the IMG tag with brackets - in 'post reply' there's an image above the post window that inserts the right tag.

    For file sharing, we generally recommend dropbox here for its ease of use. Simply put the file on there and post the public link.

  • Done, se my previous post, i edited it with an image and a link to the game.capx file, ?ou can see my code under the level1_events section. the function is placed under the test group. if you disable the test group and make the mouse event again below, it will work.

  • This is because of events 15 and 16. You've disabled the conditions for both events, not the events themselves. That means there are no conditions for the event to run, so the actions are always running, disabling the group every tick. Delete those events and it works again.

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  • worked, thanks - this grouping solved alot of issues actually :)

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