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  • I need to group sprites the way vectors for example are grouped in Adobe Illustrator - clicking on one selects them all and moving/rotating is applied to all. I looked at families, containers, wrappers etc. but I can't find such functionality.

    What I actually need to do is this: I have a car and a road. I don't want the car to be able to leave the road so I am placing invisible walls (solid behavior) along the road. That works perfectly except for the parts of the road that are not straight. For these parts I am trying to create lots of walls at different angles for the first turn. Then group all those walls copy them and rotate them for other similar turns. If there exists a better approach I would be glad to know it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I thought wrap selection does that turning and dragging once wrapped.

    But you loose the selection when selecting something else.

    I made a couple race tracks too.

    I used holding down the shift button, and left clicking the needed sprites, then wrap selection.

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  • Thank you for the answer. I was suspecting that this might be the only option so I started already.

    I think that such a feature (grouping) will be very helpful and will really speed up the game development, almost like the tiled background does.

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