Group not active when changing layout. Solution?

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  • I have 5 layouts (level 1 to 5) that share the same event sheet. So at the end of each level, player can continue to the next level and so on.

    The problem is that when I reach the next level, a lot of events in different groups are not working. Is there a way to completely restart the event sheet?

    I even tried to change to another layout first (main menu) then go back to the next level, but it's still broken.

  • Disabled Groups are forever disabled if not reactivated unless you restart the application (Considering that you didn't save & load the game state)..

    In other words, groups are persistent.

    The only way you can re-activate them all is to do it manually. You can also use loops to shorten the event count in activating the groups.

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  • Your "On start of layout" event should activate the groups that need to be activated and deactivate the groups that need to be deactivated.

    In other words, your own initialisation of the logic of the event sheet as you expect it to work on start of a new level/layout.

    You can put all those actions in a function and call this function on start of the layout.

    In the same order of idea, you can "clean up" in the "On end of layout" event to disable groups that need to be disabled/enable groups that need to be enabled.

  • Thanks guys.

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