How do I group instances?

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  • Hi guys!

    Im facing a pretty complex situation (at least for me...) and I'm really not sure what is the proper logic to deal with it:

    I'm looking for a way to manipulate similar group of instances composed with various instances (wich are pinned together)

    for exemple:

    A "Group of instance ABCD pinned togheter" and another "Group of instance ABCD pinned together".

    I want to be able to duplicate them on the fly but I will be also able to destroy each group individually

    Since I'm pretty lost with that situation, I don't have any capx to provide...

    Any advice would be appreciated.



  • So what exactly is your question? Do you need to identify which instance belongs to which group? You can do this with Object.Pin.PinnedUID expression, although it would be easier to use an instance variable like GroupID.

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  • Hello dop2000,

    I dont want to interact with a particular instance, but a whole group of them pinned together (if X touch Y, then destroy [XABC])

    In the same time I don't want to destroy another [XABC] which is living his life in the same layout....

    on top of that I want to be able to create any [XABC] I want (for exemple with a button pressed)

    Thx for the reply, I'll check PinnedUID that I never look at before.

  • OK, I find out that sprites containers will fit my needs

    I find that while searching for info about pinnedUID, so thanks again dop2000!

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