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  • Hello all. I am playing around with grid movement using Tilemap as solids. Currently, I spawn a sprite to see if it overlaps a direction I want to go, then move to that tile if it is not overlapping my tilemap (actually, move to tile is not working... so I just move 32 pixels in that direction... Help on this would be appreciated too.). However, it moves on top of the tilemap anyways... Any way you can tell me what I am doing wrong? It randomly picks a direction. Just watch it for a few and it will wander onto a wall and get stuck.

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  • THere is a good post somewhere with great example - wait let me see if I can find it....


    Advanced Wars Grid Movement Look on page 2 for great tilemap example with tile co-ordinates.

    Damn, new forum mest with my bookmark system and can't find the one I was thinking of. But it's a father and son who making a game and they gave a little capx on movement and tilemap. Search grid / tilemap and go through all the results - its got to be in there somewhere

    Still can't find it - here is an opens source project I was following but got shelved... it was implementing AI Cohack

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