How do grid move effectively and scroll to

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  • I am having a bit of a thick moment here

    I have a tilemap set up at 32x 32

    when i press the right arrow i am asking my sprite to move x +32

    it seems to be jumping +64 pixels and moving along the screen to the right aswell rather than set dead centre

    so i press right he moves +32 and the back ground moves another 32 it seems

    what i really want to happen is he moves +32 pixels and remains in the centre of the screen, so effectively the map is moving underneath him

  • I assume the sprite is the player? if that's the case and you want it to remain in the centre, and only apply the movement to the tilemap.

    If player

    • press Right

    Set position of Tilemap.X = Tilemap.X - 32

    • press Left

    Set position of Tilemap.X = Tilemap.X + 32

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  • thanks this put me on the right track

    Set X to tilemap.x -32 for right


    braindeath hit me hard today

  • Sorry to necro this but my scroll to behaviour seems to be moving the map aswell

    so my sprite (i have changed the way it moves with custom movement) however the piece moves across the map with the scroll to behaviour but it slowly overtakes the edges or moves faster than the screen scrolls

    so as i press right it goes right but the tilemap seems to move aswell so eventually it will go off the screen

    it is the only thing with the scroll to behaviour as far as i can see

    i have looked at other movements similiar to mine and the player/sprite stays dead centre screen?

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