Greetings! Help with graphics tearing.

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  • I�ve just started using C2 and yesterday I made simple test game following the tutorial using the jungle package. When I run the game I get horrible graphics tearing in both IE9 and FireFox. I followed all the tips & tricks I could find to increase performance but with no results. I�ve seen clips of games made with C2 running perfectly smooth with beautiful graphics so what am I doing wrong?.

    My pc:

    CPU: Intel core i7 960

    GPU: Asus GeForce GTX560 Ti CU2

    RAM: 12Gb 1600Mhz

    HDD: Samsung Green 500Gb 7200rpm 8mb cache

    Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth X58

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  • Are your browsers up to date (FF10, IE9 can't support webGL anyway) ? Could you try also installing chrome ?

    Are your graphic card drivers up to date ?

    Also what is your operating system ?

    Is the property "webgl" to on in the properties of your project ?

    I have a less powerful config than yours, and I experienced nothing of the graphic tearing you're talking about.

    Also consider posting a capx or an exported project for us to test.

  • Oh.. forgot to update my FireFox just did that now.. gonna check for new drivers for my gpu as well. I deleted my project (got frustrated sry) will make a new one and test again. Thx for the help :)

  • ok back again, done all the updates, checked the WebGl option but still the same result.. How do I post my capx?

  • ok I have the capx on my HDD, guess I�ll need someplace to upload it to?

  • Dropbox for example.

  • ok here it is then :)

  • Just tested it with Chrome and built-in graphics card. Graphics seem to be okay. There's an occasional stutter (garbage collection?) but it's not too noticeable.

  • hmm.. okay. A noob question: what is garbage collection?

  • No tearing on my PCU either, which is a bit less powerful than yours, but I noticed the stutter as well.

    In fact, my project stutters too and it drives me crazy. I'd be very interested in knowing what might cause this.

  • all is good on chrome with webgl, but if you turn it off there is some stutter even in chrome, mostly due the use of the big background, i would make the clouds seperate elements and the background just plane color, the background is 4000, 2048, quite big...

    ps: i also noticed there is a slight stutter wether or not you delete the background

  • Ok so I tested chrome and it made a BIG difference! :) Much better now, just small stutters. However I agree with Mulkaccino, would be nice to know what causes it. Perhaps a case of bad luck when I desided what gpu card to buy.. the GeForce 560Ti series is known to have all kinds of weird problems.. anyway, I�ll have to keep testing C2 before I deside to buy a licens or not. Thx guys

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