How do I make gravity "equal"?

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  • Hello I'm making a Flappy Bird clone just for the heck of it and I've got it down somewhat.

    The problem is that I set the "bird" with platform behavior and I noticed that the higher the bird gets the floatier the jump is. I just want it so that the jump no matter the height rises and falls at the same rate.

    I tried playing around with the gravity but it still happens.

    I can't post url's atm but if anyone wants to look at the capx it is here

    dropbox DOT com/s/4vwcjc5l7wdbc55/FlapMyBird DOT capx

    Pardon the childish name of the game :)

    Any help would be appreciated thank you.

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  • dualshock, in order to get the movements just right, you'll have to keep adjusting and fine-tuning the values of "jump" strength and gravity. And, there is a platform behavior variable where you can adjust max fall speed if needed.

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