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  • Hello!

    I have bought Construct 2 just because it seems to be the best program ever made and that i now will have the ability to create games i always dreamed about to make by my own.

    I used to play a game called Gravity Force on Amiga and i have been searching around on this forum for a while without any luck. If anyone know a better link to some other dialog plase do so. And then im sorry to be a such n00b but i spend money on this program and i will try to learn everything.

    Im mostly into grapic design and also create music on Reason 7 so this is just amazing.

    Hoverver. Do anyone know how to make a space ship work with the classic engine on the picture? It also have to be able to land on a platform if it is not going to fast,

    (just search on Gravity Force Amiga) Youtube

    Thank you all! Will be nice to get to know all of you game creator!

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  • Check out the Asteroids tutorial, here in the tutorials section of the forum. this game is very similar to Asteroids so it will help you a lot.

  • I have just started working (well playing around with) on something like this after being inspired by AndyKayJah in this thread - see the link in about the 5th post down to his .de website. This is easily one of the best looking games I've seen made with construct 2.

    Along this style of games - do you remember "Thrust" that was on the Acorn Electron back in the 80s (and probably others machines) - very similar gameplay with the added problem that the items picked up were suspended under your craft on a "rope" (tractor beam ?) which would swing about and drag you in different directions because of momentum ?

  • RamPackWobble

    Loved Thrust, in fact i am about 80% through creating a similar game.

  • spongehammer - I look forward to seeing that, but I hope it is going to be easier than the original as I was rubbish at it ! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I will be posting a video shortly, will send you the link :-)

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  • Hey! Thank you all for the feedback! I sure will check out everything you told me about! There is so many things to do with construct2 that i am pretty sure that this will bring heaps of Joy! Hahaha


  • There are so many good gravitar-likes.. But the original, oh boy..

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