Gravity-Bound Projectiles that Trace Position

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  • In some games, such as Mega Man (again), there are some enemies that have the ability to fire shots that somehow manage to both get your X position and yet at the same time throw shots in an arc.

    Is there any way to possibly emulate this in Construct 2 (either using behaviors or purely through events)?

  • maybe every tick create a track sprite at object.x and object.y?

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  • What gumshoe said pretty much...

    Every tick; (or every X seconds for a slower angle correction)

    • Set angle of projectile.sprite towards player.X,player.Y

    On "enemy shoot"

    • create projectile.sprite at enemy.X,enemy.Y
    • set angle of projectile.sprite to (something not already aimed towards the player - maybe straight up?)

    Note, the faster your projectile and the slower it angles itself will all affect the arcing motion.


  • there have been other topics for that. The equations for the motion of a falling projectile is this:



    X0,y0 is the start position

    X1,y1 is the end position

    Vx,Vy is the velocity

    t is time

    If you pick a time and then solve those equations for vx and vy that would do it.

    I think it's referred to elsewhere as predictive aiming. You could also Google kinematics for more tutorials about the equations used.

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